Q: Is smoking allowed on a VN weekend?
A: No, smoking is prohibited at all times by both candidates and team members.

Q: Are children permitted to attend send-up or closing ceremonies?
A: No, children are not permitted due to the personal nature of these events.  Only sponsors, parents and young people who have attended a VN weekend may attend.

Q: Who can attend a VN weekend?
A: Any one ages 15 – 20.  The candidate must be at least 15 by the date of the weekend and cannot be older than 20 by the date of the weekend.  Persons over 20 that are interested in attending a similar weekend should visit Central Georgia Tres Dias.

Q: As a parent, what are the do’s and don’t’s?
A: Parents that are sponsoring their child may attend Send Up.  All parents are welcome to attend closing.  Parents are not allowed to visit the campground at any other times during the weekend.  Also please note that due to the personal nature of Send Up and Closing, it is not appropriate for children of any age to attend these events.  Please make arrangements for your children to be cared for and do not bring them with you to the campground.

Q: What is the application process?
A: A candidate application can be downloaded from the Forms page. Delivery instructions can be found at the top of the application. If the candidate is under 18, they will need to fill out the medical release portion of the form. There is also a JotForm embedded at the bottom of the Forms page. You can use this form to fill, sign and submit without leaving our website and be accomplished using a computer, tablet or even your phone.

Q: Do I need a medical release?
A: Yes, if you a Team Member under 18 years of age a medical release is required to serve a CGVN weekend. Just head on over to the Forms Page and download the Medical Release form and bring it with you. If you are a Sponsor/Candidate, there is a Medical Release Section already built into the Candidate/Sponsor application.

Q: What is the cost of a weekend?
A: Sponsoring candidates cost $70 if the fee is paid on Friday at send-up at the campground. If payment is received before Friday night (before the VN weekend has begun), the fee is $60. For those serving under the age of 21 the fee is $50; for those 21 and older the fee is $100. There is also an $10.00 Background Check fee for everyone that will be over 18 at the start of the weekend

Q: Is there a discount for paying Sponsor/Candidate fees early?
A: Yes, if payment is received before send-up Friday night, the fee is $60.

Q: What is the rebate process for sponsoring a candidate?
A: For every confirmed and paid Candidate sponsored by a weekend team member, you will receive a $10 rebate. Our candidate sponsor rebate form can be found on the Forms page.

Q: What is the CGVN Council?
A: The Vida Nueva of Central Georgia Council (CGVN Council) are the men and women who fill the leadership roles, answer to Vida Nueva International, maintain the integrity of the program, secure the weekends and ensure resources are available to execute the weekends. To learn more about the CGVN Council and its members and how to contact them, visit the Council Members page.

Q: Where does VN stand doctrinally?
A: Statement of Faith for Vida Nueva

Q: Where can I learn more about VN and its history?
A: Vida Nueva International web site

Q: How often are VN weekends held?
A: Weekends are typically held twice a year.  Separate weekends for young women and young men are held each Spring (usually in March) and Fall (usually in October).

Q: Who can sponsor a candidate for a VN weekend?
A: Anyone who has attended Tres Dias, VN or a similar fourth day type of weekend.

Q: How do I sponsor a candidate for a VN weekend?
A: Download an application for your candidate to fill out and sign.  Submit the application following the instructions at the top of the application form.  Contact the Pre-Weekend couple if you have any questions. There is also a JotForm Plugin embedded in the Forms page at the bottom. You can fill, sign and submit directly from this JotForm plugin embedded into our website Form page.

Q: I hear that CGVN now requires background checks for team members. Is this true? A: Anyone attending a weekend that is 18 years old and up require background checks. You can find a Link to our third party Background Check application at the very bottom of any page on our website.

Q: It has been two years since my CGVN background check. Do I need to submit my information again? A: No. Even though background checks need to be updated every three years (3 years durability of background checks is a recent CGVN Council change), if you have already submitted your information once you do NOT need to submit it again. If you are serving on a team, we will re-run your background check using the existing information.