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The CGVN website was developed by Kevin Duncan (Central Georgia Tres Dias #34 attendee) using WordPress, WebSphere Studio WebArt Designer, PHP coding, CSS, several publicly-available themes and plugins, and lots and lots of coffee.

This page is designed to help you navigate the website, as well as report any errors you may find. Developing a website suitable for everyone isn’t easy, and with all the different operating systems out there, and all the different browsers, and all the different devices; well, an error or two is inevitable.

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Navigating the Site

This logo is immediately recognizable for some of you, but maybe not for others. Clicking it will take you to the Facebook page for Central Georgia Vida Nueva. Do you have a Facebook account? If so, go “like” us.
This button allows you to sign up for CGVN’s RSS Feed. Don’t know what RSS is? That’s okay. Click here to read an explanation from none other than the U.S. Government’s website. In short, if you read numerous websites and blogs, RSS Feeds can come in handy.
This logo takes you to the candidate application form to complete and submit in order to attend a CGVN weekends. It is a .DOC file.
If you’re reading this, you probably already know what this button does! This is the page for reporting errors and navigating the website.
About If you are unsure what Central Georgia Vida Nueva is, or if you would just like to know more about it, our About page breaks it down for you.
Calendar The Calendar lets you know about all upcoming events at Central Georgia Vida Nueva. The weekends, their dates, their directors, themes and more can be found here.
Council Members The council positions, the men and women who devote their time to filling them, and how you can contact them can be found on the Council Members page.
FAQ Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found on the FAQ page. The list will grow over time, so keep checking back.
Forms If there is a form you need to fill out and turn in, our Forms page will have it. Currently, we have a candidate application form for young men and women interested in attending a weekend; a medical release form, which is required for anyone under 18; and a team member sponsor rebate form. A general “Palanca” letter form will be made available in the future.
Announcements Whenever there is news or something we want to announce, it will be posted to the Announcements page. Unlike other pages, which will remain mostly static, the Announcements page will have consistent updates. Also, if you sign up for our RSS Feed, updates to the Announcements page will be what you see in our Feed.
Contact The Council Members page had contact information for individual council members, but what if you have a question and you don’t know who to ask? The Contact page breaks down the possible scenarios for you, and offers links to the appropriate party to contact.
Map If you need to see a map or get directions to the CGVN campground, the Map page is where to go. A link to Google Maps, with our address already filled in for you, is offered for ease of use.
Still can’t find something you need? The search button is here to help. If it can’t find it, it means it doesn’t exist. Or, at least, it doesn’t yet exist.