Back Ground Check Link Restored

The Council would like to extend our apologies for any frustration or grief the lack of a Back Ground Check (BGC) link may have caused. From time to time things can change and I am happy to say that the BGC Link has been restored. To clear some things up; if you are going to serve on a weekend and you will be 18 or older by the start of the weekend you will need to submit the form located at the link provided in the “Links” portion of our webpage. The Council requests $10.00 to support the fees associated with the cost of running scores of BGC’s necessary to run weekends. To offset recurring costs, the Council has extended the durability of a BGC to three years! This means, once you have submitted a BGC you will not have to submit for a follow up BGC for three years! This $10.00 fee DOES NOT extend to candidates, the Council will fund all BGC fees for any and all Candidates attending a weekend.